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How do you give an injection to a turtle?

  I honestly admit that prior to spending any significant time with exotics vets, my first reaction when considering any examination or treatment of turtles was “But how????” Given that approximately 90% of their body is covered by a hard…

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How To Make a Laryngoscope for Small Mammals

  I have spoken before about how much I love the daily innovation that occurs in veterinary practice, to accommodate the various medical needs of an array of species.   And in this video, Professor Bob Doneley of the University of…

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How to Tie an Aberdeen Knot

As a vet student, most surgical training emphasises the use of the common suture patterns (simple interrupted, simple continuous, cruciate etc.) and knots (square knots and surgeons knots). So it can be a bit daunting in practice to start trialing…

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CT Assessment of the Brachycephalic Dog

When you work in general practice, and do not have ready access to advanced imaging, often the maximum level of interest one has in these diagnostic modalities is simply being grateful they exist, and that there is an extremely clever…

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Radiographic Diagnosis of Egg Binding in Birds

  There are few instances of respite from the confusion that most vets feel in analyzing bird radiographs. Identifying an egg is generally one of them – since the normal eggshell is radiopaque and the outline is clear. Radiography is…

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Cat Castration

  One of many challenges faced by the veterinary profession in the current health crisis is the interruption to student learning.   Universities in many areas across the world have had to eliminate face-to-face teaching, a decision that affects veterinary students…

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Chlamydial Swab Collection in Koalas

  The incidence and significance of certain common diseases in local native wildlife is assumed knowledge in the veterinary profession. Sometimes less widely known however, are the opportunities that exist for general practitioners to actively contribute to the research and…

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