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CT Assessment of the Brachycephalic Dog

When you work in general practice, and do not have ready access to advanced imaging, often the maximum level of interest one has in these diagnostic modalities is simply being grateful they exist, and that there is an extremely clever specialist somewhere who is able to utilise them and hand over a diagnosis for a challenging case that has been referred. There are too few hours in the day to attempt to study the shades of grey in these images and understand how they relate to anatomy in multiple planes when you are an amateur in this field.

However, if you do get the chance to have a specialist explain the images, it can be a wonderful learning opportunity, because once you can visualise the pathology, the clinical presentation is often so much better understood. In this video, Adjunct Professor Philip Moses of Veterinary Specialist Services assesses the CT images of a dog with brachycephalic airway syndrome, giving valuable insight in to the comorbidities associated with this conformation, considerations for surgery, and why referral for CT assessment is always advisable before surgical intervention in these cases.

About the Presenter

Adjunct Professor Philip Moses BVSc, Cert SAO, FANZCVS is a Specialist Surgeon and a founding partner of Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane.  Philip has a special interest in the surgical management and welfare of brachycephalic dogs, in which he is widely considered the leading authority in Australia.   Philip is extensively published in veterinary texts and journals, is an elected member of the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland, and has previously held the position of President of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons. There are some occasions in which I am really in awe of the level of expertise and experience of the specialists we film with, and I learn so much from just a few hours watching them work…. our day at VSS with Philip was one of them.

Need to know more?

Watch Adj Professor Moses perform BAS surgeries including resection of stenotic nares, resection of the elongated soft palate, resection of everted laryngeal saccules and tonsillectomy in the Versatile Vet video library at https://www.versatilevet.com/videos/

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