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How To Make a Laryngoscope for Small Mammals


I have spoken before about how much I love the daily innovation that occurs in veterinary practice, to accommodate the various medical needs of an array of species.   And in this video, Professor Bob Doneley of the University of Queensland demonstrates how standard clinic equipment can be adapted to create a custom laryngoscope for small mammals such as guinea pigs and rats.

Most vets in general practice approach general anaesthesia of these small creatures with a little trepidation. One of the main challenges is intubating via the small, narrow oral cavity, given there is little to no visibility without endoscopic equipment.   Since securing the airway is one of the most important safety aspects of general anaesthesia, having a method to do so more easily is fantastic innovation indeed. Bob gives full credit to one of his staff members for the invention, and I am delighted he took the time to show us.

About the Presenter

Professor Bob Doneley is an Avian and Exotic Animal Specialist and Head of Service at the UQ Gatton Small Animal Hospital. Bob is a highly esteemed practitioner, having worked for nearly 30 years in the profession, receiving awards including the College Prize by the Australian College for outstanding contributions to veterinary science in Australia, and being a published author of two textbooks on bird medicine, as well as publishing several chapters in other textbooks and numerous papers in veterinary journals. Bob is also a lovely man in person, and filming with him is a fantastic experience, because he is both so incredibly knowledgeable, and so accommodating.   As I once heard him described on a veterinary forum, Bob is considered a real “superstar” of veterinary science in Australia.

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