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Radiographic Diagnosis of Egg Binding in Birds


There are few instances of respite from the confusion that most vets feel in analyzing bird radiographs. Identifying an egg is generally one of them – since the normal eggshell is radiopaque and the outline is clear. Radiography is therefore one of the first steps in diagnosing egg binding in birds. However, going about this with a potentially unwell bird can be daunting, and the treatment decisions can likewise be a challenge for a novice bird vet. How can you safely anaesthetise a sick bird to make the diagnosis? How do you decide if the egg is too large?   When do you just give the bird time and when do you need to be more proactive with treatment?

Associate Professor Lorenzo Crosta from the University of Sydney’s Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital discusses some of these quandaries in this video, giving extremely practical advice from years of dealing with these cases in bird breeding facilities, including Loro Parque in Tenerife, which houses one of the largest and most diverse parrot collections in the world.

About the Presenter

Associate Professor Lorenzo Crosta is the Director of the Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital at the University of Sydney. He has extensive qualifications and experience in both avian medicine and zoological medicine, is widely published, and in 2019 was awarded the T.J Lafeber Avian Practioner of the Year. He is also an engaging speaker, possessing not only depth of knowledge and passion for his subject, but also a wonderful sense of humour.

Need to Know More?

There is a great, simple article outlining reproductive emergencies including egg binding in birds available at the LafeberVet website, which can be accessed via free membership. See https://lafeber.com/vet/reproductive-emergencies/

Egg binding is also covered comprehensively in the text Avian Medicine and Surgery in Practice Companion and Aviary Birds 2nd Edition, by Bob Doneley, pp.323-325.

The University of Sydney’s Centre for Veterinary Education is offering an online course in Avian Surgery tutored by Associate Professor Bob Doneley starting on June 22 2020 and an online course in Avian Medicine tutored by Dr Alex Rosenwax starting on August 24 2020. More details at www.cve.edu.au

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